The Wishing Well

A guided visualization, designed for teens or older. Go on a magical journey inward, to a place where you can turn your fears or worries into your greatest wishes!

The Wishing Well Meditation (Preview)
The Wishing Well Meditation (Preview)

The Wishing Well is a wonderful production! It combines an exquisitely written musical score with a charming story that can provide powerful change. This is a perfect way to introduce younger audiences to the power of guided meditation, but it's also a very effective tool for adults with a sense of fun and adventure!

Clayton John AingerAward Winning Author/ International Speaker

The Wishing Well meditation takes you on a magical journey deep within. It allows you to release your worries and fears to clear space for the experiences you truly want to bring into your life. The beautiful music is accompanied by an enchanting story, recorded by 12 year old Emily, an amazing meditation guide that younger audiences will resonate with. Highly recommended for everyone from 12 to 120 years old!

Nina KaiserFounder of
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