Listen to the Music of Your Soul

What would it sound like to have the energy of your soul translated into music?

The Soul Music Story

A number of years ago, I had a ‘reading’ with internationally recognized psychic medium, Clayton John Ainger. I have included a recording of some of what came through below. This was a first for me at the time. Spirit guides, other planes of existence, things we cannot see and perceive through our regular physical senses? What is all this…? Let’s just say, when the information came through, my mind was blown and my reality changed that day. The messages from my spirit guides included the following statement… “You have an innate gift to play the music of people’s souls”. Although I didn’t fully understand it at the time, the information sent chills right through me. After a few years of struggle to accept and comprehend it all, here I am connecting with people in this unique way and playing what comes through. When I listen back to the music and see how strongly people react to hearing their song, a unique song that represents their soul’s energy, I’m touched, amazed and filled with gratitude. I would be privileged to work with YOU next!

The Gift of Music
The Gift of Music

Melissa’s Soul Song

The following piece came through for K. Melissa Waterman.  Melissa is a scientist who is gifted with a strong spiritual connection and has worked with a number of influential organizations including Dr. Joe Dispenza, Access Consciousness and Focused Life Force Energy.

Soul Song - K. Melissa Waterman
Soul Song - K. Melissa Waterman

I am in awe at Craig Young's ability to connect with my soul to produce an exquisite and unique piece of music just for me! My own song! It resonates with me deeply and I am moved every time I listen to it. I use it during my daily quiet time and it enhances my connection to the divine. I am so grateful for this beautiful piece of music

K. Melissa WatermanScientist/ Spiritual Teacher

I feel blessed beyond words to have received a Soul Song from Craig. The piece that he channelled for me has struck the deepest chord of resonance in my being. Every time I listen, I feel that I am being attuned to the frequency of my true essence, with my heart softening in remembrance of its timeless home. As a result of adding my Soul Song to my daily routine, I am accessing deep peace, flow states and am having the most profound lucid dreams. This piece of music is not only a healing salve, bringing me closer to my truth, but also a potent activator or my latent energy! Craig possesses the most profound gift to tune into the Soul of another and translate that into a musical masterpiece. I highly recommend having your own Soul Song channelled so that you too can listen to and embrace the song of your Soul.

Nikhil KaleFounder and Strategist with Akasha Creative