A grounding meditation by K. Melissa Waterman, music by Craig Young

Simply Grounding (Preview)
Simply Grounding (Preview)

I love the Simply Grounded meditation! Melissa’s beautiful, inspiring, soothing voice leads me beautifully within while I fully trust her guidance. Craig’s weightless, ethereal music effortlessly weaves a sparkling, relaxing web of tones and skillfully enhances the message of the meditation. The mediation makes me experience my connection to mother earth as well as to the rest of the universe, eventually merging and alchemizing the energies from above and below in my heart. A beautiful gem of a meditation!

Nina KaiserCo-founder of

Working with K. Melissa Waterman on this project was an absolute privilege! Melissa, she is a scientist who is gifted with a strong spiritual connection and has worked with a number of influential organizations including Dr. Joe Dispenza, Access Consciousness and Focused Life Force Energy. Most importantly, her voice is simply perfect for Simply Grounding! We hope you will enjoy it!

Craig YoungSoundtrack Composer

“Melissa’s and Craig’s wonderful meditation has a thoroughly soothing effect on me. It moves
deeply me and creates peace inside. Thank you very much to both of you!”

Elke EsdersNew Politics Consultant, Coach & Facilitator
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Information on Grounding – K. Melissa Waterman

For the purposes of this meditation, Grounding is a term used to help bring your energy back into your body. Often as we go about our day, thinking and problem solving, remembering tasks etc, our energy comes up around and just above the head. You know this is happening when you feel overwhelmed, rushed, forgetful or spacey. The idea here is to move from chaos to a sense of well being and centeredness; to feeling calmer. In this meditation you will be asked to imagine connecting down into the earth, and up into the galaxies. Please do not use this meditation while driving or operating equipment. Sitting in a comfortable chair is recommended.