Ground into Now (Preview)
Ground into Now (Preview)

I was so pleased to be a part of this project. Tara's meditation is a wonderful journey, connecting you back to the earth and leaving you feeling centered and calm.

Craig YoungSoundtrack Composer

The collaboration between Craig and Tara is simply beautiful. Her voice is calm and soothing while his instrumentals are a beautiful compliment. Well done

Ursula, NToronto, ON

I use Ground Into Now regularly to help me feel connected, aligned and more like myself. I can recognize the difference in my day, my mood and my ability to feel more joy daily

Patricia MMississauga, ON
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The Importance of Grounding

As is above, so is below. Grounding is an incredibly important part of the manifestation process in life and so often overlooked or misunderstood. It’s a little more complex than simply putting your feet on the ground. When you are grounded you will be able to manifest your wants, wishes and dreams that much faster.
For perspective ungrounded feels like… scattered thinking, starting things/projects and not finishing, anxiety, stress, overwhelm, hard time speaking or speaking in fragmented sentences, walking into a room and not knowing why you went in there, forgetting!