The right soundtrack provides the magic that brings your project to life! Music elicits emotion, adds power, feeling and impact and I would love to help enhance your project in this way.

Whether you need a calming piece for meditation, or a powerful piece to inspire a higher level of energy, I will work with you to create the feeling you need to make your production as impactful as possible.

If you are adding your own voice to the project, I can show you how to create a high-quality recording on your own which I will then optimize and integrate into the master recording.

My clientele consists of a select number of organizations and individuals looking for a customized, high quality, bespoke offering and my promise is to provide a professionally recorded soundtrack, perfectly suited to the needs of your project.


Let's Create Your Masterpiece

Custom Soundtrack Compostion

The music I provide for my clients is composed with the intent to bring their projects to life, to stir emotion and to enhance the listening experience by using certain frequencies, ryhtms, instrumentation and tempo. Music is more powerful than a lot of us realize and the impact of the right soundtrack can make all the difference for your project.

I work with select clients for custom soundtrack projects but I also have completed pieces available to licence for use in your project (see music licensing). My studio is located in Ontario, Canada but the magic of tecnology allows me to work with people all over the world. If you have your own narritive to include in a project, I can show you how to record it on your own and then share it with me.

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What is Possible is an upcoming series featuring short documentaries of extraordinary people from all over the world. The challenge was to create theme music for the trailer that represents the emotion and inspiration of this exciting project.
What is Possible
What is Possible
See Feature Projects above for more demos

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Create Your Own Meditation

Record your own professionally produced meditation in a simple, affordable way. Generate revenue, impact your clients lives and enhance your professional status.

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Use The Music On This Site For Your Project

License Music

Some of the music on this site can be downloaded for you to use in your project. It is licencsed in very limited release,  assuring a higher level of exclusivity than what a typical online music service can offer. These services may have the same song licensed to hundreds or even thousands of clients. If you find a piece of music that you would like to us in your project, please contact me regarding the cost and the licensing details.

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