Quickly, Easily and Affordably!


A professionally recorded meditation for a fraction of the regular cost!

The cost to create a professional sounding meditation or visualization can be thousands of dollars, plus annual licensing fees. The process often involves studio time to record the vocal track and a costly, time-consuming process to have a soundtrack composed and then pull it all together into a professionally recorded project.

This leads many creators to go it alone and try to record their own production. Without the right guidance and without the right music, the end result can be time-consuming and disappointing. Not to mention concerns regarding copyright infringement if you don’t have the approval to use the music.

Using pre-recorded soundtracks that can be edited to suit your project, I am currently offering a professionally recorded, custom meditation package, including all licensing, editing and production costs starting at $297 USD.

How can I offer this package at this price point? After a few years of composing music for meditation, I have a library of soundtracks that have been created for other projects on a non-exclusive basis.  Now you can choose some of these amazing tracks for your project! I have also created a very streamlined process of integrating and optimizing the voice with the music and adjusting the track to fit your needs. Each project starts with a pre-selected soundtrack but is customized for the individual recording, resulting in what sounds like an original score created specifically to your requirements.

I will also share a comprehensive PDF guide that teaches you how to record the vocal track on your own, further streamlining the process and reducing costs!

The end result is a professional product and the license to use the recording commercially for a fraction of the cost and in a fraction of the usual time. Current production timing allows for about a 14-day turnaround!

Bookings are limited so be sure to reserve your production time quickly and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

What are the next steps...?What are the next steps...?

After having worked with Craig on a number of projects, including the composition of the soundtrack for my new series "What is Possible', I can attest to the fact that he has a powerful connection to music that is beyond this world. He has consistently been able to bring through the perfect music, fully in alignment with the requirements of the project.

Tiffani ChurchilStoryteller, Producer, Researcher Of Human Potential

Craig's music takes you beyond yourself into the realm of the divine. Close your eyes and let the music transport you to a place of deep peace, tranquillity, and healing. Highly, highly recommended!

Clayton John AingerAward Winning Author/ International Speaker

Craig possesses the most profound gift to tune into the energy of a project and translate that into a musical masterpiece. I highly recommend working with Craig for a production that is beyond ordinary and takes your listener on a journey of transformation.

Nikhil KaleFounder and Strategist - Akasha Creative

Simple Step by Step Process


Pick Your Music

You can browse the INSPIRATION LIBRARY (in the main navigation, under Need a Soundtrack?) for music that fits your project. New soundtracks are in development all the time so if there is something close but not quite right, let me know and we can discuss what might work for you. These tracks are also available to simply download and license for video creators or those who have the required level of expertise to create their own recording.

Record Your Script

Yes, you can do this on your own! All you need is a decent microphone (or just the mic on your phone), your computer, cell phone or iPad and the included pdf guide to recording an amazing meditation script.

Project Planning

Once you have completed the recording, select the duration of your project below in order to finalize the purchase and reserve your production time. Once this is complete, I will reach out to you to review your project and we will work together to create a final recording that you love!

I Will Do The Rest!

I will optimize your vocal recording to make it sound amazing and edit your chosen soundtrack to fit perfectly! Within a maximum of two weeks, you will have a professionally produced meditation that you can share with clients or sell digitally. What could be easier?!


The next steps are to select the required duration below and pick your soundtrack. Choose a time frame that gives you at least 1 minute of extra music, allowing time for an introduction and an ending.


How Do I Record My Voice?

Although some clients opt to go into a studio and have their voice recorded professionally, It can be surprisingly easy to record good quality audio on your own! The most important factors are a good microphone, a quiet space, and something to record into like your cell phone or computer. Recording software is available free on all devices these days and a good microphone can be purchased very inexpensively. In fact, If you are a podcaster or have a decent computer microphone,  you are probably good to go! I will also provide you with a simple PDF guide that will help you with your recording.

Is this a Custom Soundtrack?

This package includes the use of a pre-recorded soundtrack and a non-exclusive license agreement but the package also includes a certain amount of editing which can make it sound like an original soundtrack. Editing options include adjusting the tempo, swapping out certain instruments if possible (like a harp instead of a piano), adjusting the volume of certain instruments if they are too loud or soft for your recording. I will also work the music around the voice so that your narrative can be heard clearly and so that the music enhances the journey. All of these options will be discussed before we begin and upon the final review.

How Much Does This Cost?

This cost to create the final recording is based on the length of the music. Pricing starts at only $189 CAD for shorter productions but each musical selection comes in various lengths so the price will vary. Simply pick the song you like and the duration that fits best. The price includes the production to time add your voice and the license fee that allows you to use the music without copyright infringements.

5 to 7 minute production – $297 USD

8 to 10 minute production – $397 USD

11 to 14 minute production – $497 USD

15 to 20 minute production – $597 USD

Can I Just License the Music?

Yes, this option available for all the tracks in INSPIRATION LIBRARY.  This is a good option if you require a soundtrack for a video or have the technical expertise as a content creator.

Can I Generate Income From This Recording

Yes you can! Once we have integrated your voice with the music, it is your own digital product and can be given to your clients or sold online. Please note: the music alone cannot be edited or resold as a product.