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Create Your Own Professionally Produced Meditation

For a fraction of the cost of a normal custom production!

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A professionally recorded meditation for a fraction of the regular cost!

The regular cost for soundtrack composition for a meditation or other project can be thousands of dollars, plus annual licensing fees. This is standard in the industry for a professional production that includes an original score, an optimized vocal track, and a properly mastered final recording.

Using pre-recorded soundtracks with the package outlined below, I am currently offering a professionally produced meditation package, including all licensing costs starting at only $189 USD! This cost is for a 5 to 7-minute recording but longer package options are available.

How can I offer this package at this price point? After a few years of composing music for meditation, I have a library of soundtracks that have been created for other projects on a non-exclusive basis.  Now you can choose some of these amazing tracks for your meditation! I have also created a very streamlined process of integrating and optimizing the voice with the music and adjusting the duration to fit your needs.

This current offer also includes a comprehensive PDF guide that teaches you how to record the vocal track on your own, further streamlining the process!

This offer really does provide you with a professional product and the license to use the recording commercially for a fraction of the cost and in a fraction of the usual time. Current production timing allows for about a 48-hour turnaround!

This a temporary promotion so be sure to book in quickly!

How to Create a Great Recording - Download Your Free GuideHow to Create a Great Recording - Download Your Free Guide

I had no idea what to expect when I approached Craig about creating a piece of music for one of my signature meditations.
The result was mind-blowing, so uplifting and in alignment with what I had envisioned. A beautiful soul doing incredible work, Craig's music will take you to your highest excitement and is not to be missed.

Kitty WatersHost of the Kitty Talks Podcast

Simple Step by Step Process


Pick Your Music

Click below for samples of music that have been composed specifically for meditation recordings. Each track is available in different lengths to fit the requirements of your project. All tracks have been created specifically for meditation purposes and recorded in 432 Hz which is the Natural Healing Frequency of the Universe. See below for more of my thoughts on what makes the best music for meditation and how I can provide that for you!

Record Your Script

Yes, you can do this on your own! All you need is a decent microphone (or just the mic on your phone), your computer, cell phone or iPad and our included pdf guide to recording an amazing meditation script

We Do The Rest!

We will optimize your recording, add the music and send back a professionally produced meditation. The turnaround time is usually within 48 hours and then you have your very own meditation that you can share with clients or sell digitally. What could be easier?!

The Perfect Music For Meditation

I am a fairly experienced meditator myself and I’m obviously I’m a musician! In the past few years, I have been fortunate to work with some very influential and experienced clients and have come to know what makes a meditation special. I have studied the use of specific rhythms, patterns, and frequencies, which combined, help to facilitate an extraordinary meditative experience.

There are so many meditations out in the world that sound the same. The music is a series of chords that loop and go on and on in the same pattern. I endeavor to go beyond that. Your meditation has a structure and so should the music. There should be a beginning, middle, and end, just like your guidance.

I like to create music for meditation that includes more than just one or two sounds! The use of percussion, bass, orchestral sounds, choirs and more, create a more interesting soundscape that will guide the listener into more elevated states, supporting the journey you are taking them on.

Ready to Pick Your Music?

Preview versions of meditation tracks are listed below. When you find the one that is the best fit your project, click on the Duration you require. This will take you to a page where you can finalize the purchase, download your License for Use of the music and your PDF Guide to begin recording your meditation. If you have any more questions, please see the FAQ section below.

Timeless Dream


Timeless Dream is the perfect sountrack for a meditation or time out from daily stresses. It has a gentle, ethereal feel, angelic voices, soft strings, and light piano arpeggios. Listener have commented that it can make you feel like you are floating or transcending this reality.

Choose this Track and Select Your Duration

Follow the Wind


Follow the Wind has a light, airy feel creating feelings of expansion and connection to all that is above. Sounds include harp, choir, piano and string instruments.

Choose this Track and Select Your Duration

Carry Me Home

version 2 - without percussion
version 2 - without percussion

Carry Me Home provides the perfect soundtrack for a relaxed, calming meditation. Gentle synth sounds begin the journey, light percussion enters to provide rhythm and as the music builds, choirs and orchestra fill the composition with positivity and light.

Choose this Track and Select Your Duration

A Song to Heal The World


A Song to Heal the World was composed with the intent to spread light in times of darkness. It has a positive, inspiring vibe but also a few sections of drama. The song was featured in video with quotes from many of my inspirational friends and clients.

Choose this Track and Select Your Duration

 Into Trance


Into Trance is a soundscape for breathwork or meditation. It is recorded in 432 Hz and at 60 bmp taking the listener into a deep of state of trance and creating a journey somewhere far from this world.

Choose this Track and Select Your Duration


You are almost there! Remember the name of the track you selected and click the required duration below. Choose a time frame that gives you at least 1 minute of extra music, allowing time for an introduction and an ending.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Create My Recording?

It can be surprisingly easy to record good quality audio on your own! The most important factors are a good microphone, a quiet space, and something to record into like your cell phone or computer. Recording software is available free on all devices these days and a good microphone can be purchased very inexpensively. In fact, If you are a podcaster or have a decent computer microphone,  you are probably good to go!

How Much Does This Cost?

This cost to create the final recording is based on the length of the music. Pricing starts at only $189 USD for a shorter productions but each musical selection comes in various length’s so the price will vary. Simply pick the song you like and the duration that fits best. The price includes the production to time add your voice and the license fee that allows you to use the music without copyright infrindgements.

Can I Just License the Music?

No, this particular offer is a package the includes the license to use the music with your voice incorporated into the recording. If you have a need for the music on it’s own for a live event or an online production, please email me for the details.

Can I Generate Income From This Recording

Yes you can! Once you add your voice to the music, it is your own digital product and can be given to your clients or sold online.

Can I Use the Music for Multiple Projects?

With your musical download, you get a ‘license for use’ that is intended for one project only. If you intend to use the music for a number of different projects, you will need to purchase a meditation package for each project.